Friday, 22 June 2007


Everyday in the UK, we drink over 3 million Fairtrade hot drinks and eat almost half a million Fairtrade bananas – why not join the growing trend? And by doing so help us to convert Leigh-on-Sea into a Fairtrade Town.

Actions for individuals

Get a 'Fairtrade Fix'

  • Buy a cup of Fairtrade coffee when you are out shopping or ask your workplace to provide Fairtrade tea and coffee
  • Buy products with the FAIRTRADE Mark when you shop

There are now over 1,000 products available through retail and catering outlets in the UK so thereis plenty of choice when you shop. If your local store does not stock Fairtrade then why not request that they do?

Actions for businesses

  • Become 'Fairtrade Friendly'
  • Speak to your catering manager about offering Fairtrade food and drink to staff
  • You may be able to source from your existing supplier or you can find a new supplier from the Out of Home/Catering Directory
  • Display Fairtrade posters and leaflets and make samples available in your workplace kitchen and/or canteen.

Further ideas can be found on the Fairtrade website [ click here ]

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Wholesalers [ click here ]
How to start a Fairtrade Town Campaign [ click here ]
Fairtrade website [ click here ]

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