Friday, 17 October 2008

Church: October 2008 Newsletter

Fairtrade Saturday Morning event at Belfairs Methodist Church

Did you know there was a Leigh & Southend Fairtrade Town/Borough campaign?
The campaign to promote the Fairtrade cause through converting Leigh-on-Sea to an official Fairtrade Town has been rolling for about 2 years and we have made some fantastic headway. The great news is that Southend Borough has now been re-invigorated to join in and is now also campaigning to become a Fairtrade Borough. Find out more about Fairtrade by visiting and

Fairtrade Fair 1st November 2008
Please tell you congregations about our Fairtrade Fair event taking place 1st November 2008 at Leigh Community Centre Road
A group of volunteers from Leigh on Sea Fairtrade Town Campaign have organised a fun Fairtrade Fair on Saturday 1st November from 1-4pm. Please will you help us to publicise this on your notice boards, and including details in your news sheets and in your announced notices on Sunday?
It will be great event and we hope to have many activities - from a Fairtrade ‘Cotton on the Catwalk’ Mini Fashion Show, Fairtrade Cakes, Un-Fair Games, Wine Tasting, Fairtrade Product sampling, Poster Exhibition, Fairtrade Produce for sale, Face painting, Mini Fairtrade Cinema, Exhibition Stands, Fairtrade Smoothies, Tearfund Stall, Christmas Gifts, Doy Bags and much more…
Visit for more information.

Do you already use Fairtrade Coffee/Tea/Sugar and Communion Wine at your Church?
Please let us know – we can add you to our website and into our online directory.
Did you know that your church can register to be an Official Fairtrade Church and receive a pack and certificates to help you promote and celebrate your achievement. Visit this link to find out more: Become a Fairtrade Church.

Those Churches that we know of that have already registered with Fairtrade Foundation:
Leigh Road Baptist Church, Leigh

We know there are many more churches which use Fairtrade – just register with the Fairtrade Foundation and let us know too!
Publicise your events that use FairtradeIf you have any events coming up where Fairtrade products will be served, used or sold – please let us know. We can help your church with promoting the event via our website just email with your news and events.

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