Friday, 29 January 2010

Media Coverage: Business looking Fair at cafe

It was great to see more coverage of Fairtrade produce being sold at local businesses. Oasis The Coffee House on the Leigh Road, Leigh-on-Sea was featured in the 28 January 2010 edition of the Essex Enquirer Newspaper. Thanks for the coverage guys! And great stuff Oasis The Coffee House.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The Big Swap Film: Get Involved

Southend: Are you ready for the Big Swap?

Register your swap at

Put the kettle on!

For this year's Fairtrade Fortnight we're asking the nation to join us in The Big Swap. For two whole weeks we'll be asking you to swap your usual stuff for Fairtrade stuff. Your usual bananas for Fairtrade bananas, your usual cotton socks for Fairtrade cotton socks, and your usual cuppa for a Fairtrade cuppa. This means that every time you go shopping, you can use your wallet to make a stand.
We've just launched The Big Swap website, packed with lots of resources to download and use to help us reach our target of one million and one swaps to Fairtrade certified products during Fairtrade Fortnight - 22 February to 7 March. Watch films and read more about The Big Swap then start using posters and action guides to help us spread the word.

Why swap?

Swapping your usual stuff for Fairtrade stuff is a brilliantly small step to making the world a fairer place. It means that you get to show your support for developing world producers through what you buy. Two billion people - a third of humanity - survive on less than $2 a day. Unfair trade rules keep them in poverty, but they face the global challenges of food shortages and climate change too. Find out more

Things to swap

The Fairtrade range started small. Like one bar of chocolate small. Now there are over 4,500 products bearing the FAIRTRADE Mark. A glorious array of products that spans pineapples and footballs to duvets and rice. Find out more about food & drink, beauty products, clothing and other bits and pieces you can swap today!

Shout about your event

The Big Swap website's a great way to make sure everyone hears about any event you might be organising for Fairtrade Fortnight. Get your details listed now so people can see it on our calendar and make sure they'll be there on the day.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Schools: Southend High School for Boys join the cause

Great news! Southend High School For Boys (SHSB) are the latest School in the Borough of Southend to lend their support of the Fairtrade cause.

A Fairtrade committee has been formed at the school form pupils and staff. They are now busy planning their first event and awareness raiser with a Fairtrade wine tasting soiree for Staff. That is sure to get more people on board supporting and understanding the importance of choosing Fairtrade.

Jack Reynolds-Clark, a pupil of SHSB and Fairtrade Committee member said,

"Southend High are endeavouring to change the unfortunate truth of the lack of Faritrade in society and have recently set up a Fairtrade committee, a few of the younger members are in the photo above. It is up to these few pupils to work hard and bring the coveted status home and make SHSB a Fairtrade school. These efforts will also help Southend Borough who are also trying for this title."

If your schools wants to join in and help the cause, please visit for more information.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Fairtrade Foundation showcases Leigh Hair Salon for the Big Swap

Hair on the Leigh Road, Leigh has been highlighted for their roll in showcasing Fairtrade and encouraging their clients to switch to Fairtrade Coffee and Tea with them. Their clients are offered Fairtrade coffee during a cut.

Fairtrade Fortnight this year at the end of February beginning of March aims to highlight the importance of Fairtrade and how easy it is to swap for Fairtrade. The Leigh Hair salon was chosen as a highlight on the Fairtrade Foundations special website that encourages us all to get involved in Fairtrade Fortnight.

Take a look and see how you can get involved.
If you are a Beauty or Hair Salon / Spa why not get involved by doing the same and joining our Fair Cut Campaign and then filling out your support by visiting our online support form click here

Friday, 8 January 2010

MEDIA Coverage YELLOW ADVERTISER TODAY | NEWS | Cycle shop helps Fairtrade with mule bars | 2010

A CYCLE shop in Leigh is the latest business to lend their support to the Leigh-on-Sea Fairtrade Town & Southend Borough Council Campaign.

Click on the Yellow Advertiser link below to read more on the Yellow Advertiser Southend website

YELLOW ADVERTISER TODAY NEWS Cycle shop helps Fairtrade with mule bars 2010

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

News: Oasis Coffee Shop Say Cheers to Fairtrade

Oasis The Coffee House, 189 Leigh Road have long been supporters of Fairtrade in our town. They are now delighted to announce their new Bean to Cup Coffee Machine is now entirely serving Fairtrade certified hot beverages.

Not only are all the popular styles of fresh coffee available but also Fairtrade Hot Chocolate and the Tea.

Paco and Diane staff and volunteers at Oasis The Coffee House, run by Leigh Road Baptist Church raised a mug to this positive change that will make a massive difference to farmers in developing countries.

The Vista Coffee brand supplied by Tchibo is now providing its full range at Oasis. Many customers have commented on the improved taste of the coffee, which serves as an even higher recommendation for Fairtrade marked products showing quality and care.

About Vista Fairtrade?
Fairtrade supports farmers in developing countries and enables them to have a better future.

Core elements of Fairtrade include:

* Guaranteed, fair coffee prices for smaller farmer organisations and thus improved conditions of work and quality of life

* Long-term trade relations

* Fairtrade premium for social development

* Sustainable use of natural resources

* Worldwide, 531 small farmer's cooperative and plantations in 59 countries of Africa, Asia, and Latin America benefit from Fairtrade, representing 1.4 million farmers and workers

Who is Fairtrade?
The independent certification company FLO-CERT GmbH ensures adherence to the international Fairtrade standards. For this purpose, FLO-CERT employs over 70 inspectors worldwide. The Fairtrade Certification Mark is your independent guarantee that this product has been traded in accordance with international Fairtrade standards. For further information please visit

VISTA is made up of 100% of certified Fairtrade coffee.

Visit Oasis online to book a table or just turn up