Monday, 18 January 2010

Fairtrade Foundation showcases Leigh Hair Salon for the Big Swap

Hair on the Leigh Road, Leigh has been highlighted for their roll in showcasing Fairtrade and encouraging their clients to switch to Fairtrade Coffee and Tea with them. Their clients are offered Fairtrade coffee during a cut.

Fairtrade Fortnight this year at the end of February beginning of March aims to highlight the importance of Fairtrade and how easy it is to swap for Fairtrade. The Leigh Hair salon was chosen as a highlight on the Fairtrade Foundations special website that encourages us all to get involved in Fairtrade Fortnight.

Take a look and see how you can get involved.
If you are a Beauty or Hair Salon / Spa why not get involved by doing the same and joining our Fair Cut Campaign and then filling out your support by visiting our online support form click here

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