Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Schools: Southend High School for Boys join the cause

Great news! Southend High School For Boys (SHSB) are the latest School in the Borough of Southend to lend their support of the Fairtrade cause.

A Fairtrade committee has been formed at the school form pupils and staff. They are now busy planning their first event and awareness raiser with a Fairtrade wine tasting soiree for Staff. That is sure to get more people on board supporting and understanding the importance of choosing Fairtrade.

Jack Reynolds-Clark, a pupil of SHSB and Fairtrade Committee member said,

"Southend High are endeavouring to change the unfortunate truth of the lack of Faritrade in society and have recently set up a Fairtrade committee, a few of the younger members are in the photo above. It is up to these few pupils to work hard and bring the coveted status home and make SHSB a Fairtrade school. These efforts will also help Southend Borough who are also trying for this title."

If your schools wants to join in and help the cause, please visit for more information.

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