Thursday, 4 March 2010

Church: Leigh Church Promotes Fairtrade Fortnight to Congregation

Leigh Road Baptist Church, Leigh-on-Sea has long been a supporter of Fairtrade. It was instrumental in setting up and leading in the Leigh-on-Sea's campaign to become a Fairtrade Town, forming a steering group of volunteers from the local community.

On the middle Sunday of Fairtrade Fortnight, church attendees learnt about the importance of Fairtrade in helping the some 2 billion people in our world that live on less that $2 a day. They learnt that as shoppers choosing products with the Fairtrade Mark can make the all the difference to families around the world.

The service was followed by a cup of fresh Fairtrade Coffee or Tea for all who attended. Over 150 cups were served.

It was four years ago that the Marguerite Drive church commited itself to becoming a Fairtrade Church. This means that it uses Fairtrade mark Tea, Coffee & Sugar in all it's meetings and gatherings. That it commits to helping raising awareness of the Mark and to prays for the Fairtrade cause that benefits the world's poorist producers.

Indeed they encourage other places of worship to join and support the cause. More details can be found at and click on here for on how to register the support of your place of worship.
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