Friday, 5 March 2010

Schools: Heycoft Fairtrade Assembly Kick Starts Campaign

Headteacher Mr Andrew Palmer, David Elcock and some Fairtrade young campaigners

Pupils from Heycroft Primary School, Eastwood were visited by David Elcock a volunteer from the Southend Fairtrade Borough Campaign. The assembly explained to the children about Fairtrade and the topic of what is 'fair' and what is un-fair'.

The children watched a video of the 'Invasion of the Tea Ladies' which showed campaigners for Fairtrade dancing around parliament and Trafalgar Square dressed as Fairtrade Tea Ladies to raise awareness of the cause. They also discovered how how shopping habits can make a positive difference to poorer people all around the world if we choose items with the Fairtrade Mark.

The children came away pledging to turn their school into a Fairtrade School. They have recently signed up with the Fairtrade Foundation to do so at and will be opening a Fairtrade Healthy Tuckshop to start the ball rolling

If you are a local school - why don't you do the same?
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