Monday, 12 July 2010

Big Lunch 2010: Southend Make Yours Fairtrade

Sunday 18 July is a day to celebrate people, community and food at Big Lunch street parties across the UK. The Big Lunch is a bring-your-own, open-air party giving everyone a chance to get to know their neighbours, share food and have fun. Last year, up to a million people, in every kind of community, took part in over 8,000 Big Lunches across the UK - including a special Big Fairtrade Lunch in Leigh-on-Sea and other places around the Borough.

As Britain celebrates its local communities, making Fairtrade part of the Big Lunch means we also celebrate communities across the world and empower farmers in developing countries to create their own brighter, more sustainable future through a better trade deal. The Big Lunch is also a wonderful opportunity to pass our Fairtrade habit on to friends and neighbours!

Get involved with Fairtrade Ideas at The Fairtrade Foundation website & register or find and event at The Big Lunch website.

There are lots taking place across the Borough in 2010

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