Thursday, 16 December 2010

YELLOW ADVERTISER TODAY | NEWS | Southend becomes a Fairtrade borough | 2010

FAIR ENOUGH: Matt Keen, Councillor Andrew Moring and Sarah Needham by the Fairtrade stand at Southend Civic Centre. Picture by Mark Cleveland Of Yellow Advertiser

By Karen Davis

SOUTHEND has moved a step closer to making the world a fairer place by becoming an official Fairtrade borough.

To earn the accolade, Southend Council had to achieve a number of goals.

The first involved passing a resolution supporting Fairtrade as an organisation, evidenced by the introduction of Fairtrade vending machines in the Civic Centre and Fairtrade branded tea and coffee in the catering facilities.

The second meant ensuring that at least two Fairtrade products were available in more than 32 shops and served in 16 local cafes and catering establishments.

It was found that 44 retailers and 19 catering outlets stocked Fairtrade products - well over the required number for a borough the size of Southend.

Read more on the Yellow Advertiser site at the link below....
YELLOW ADVERTISER TODAY NEWS Southend becomes a Fairtrade borough 2010

Friday, 3 December 2010

Fairtrade Foundation Towns Newsletter December 10

The Great Cotton Stitch Up - take action nowThe launch of this major new report marks an exciting new era for Fairtrade and trade justice campaigning! Over the next few years the Fairtrade movement will be calling on the EU and US to remove subisidies that are locking West African cotton farmers into poverty. The first phase of the campaign is a quick but important one, and more engaging actions targeting MEPs will follow in Fairtrade Fortnight and throughout 2011. Please encourage everyone you know to take the first, all important, easy action here, and watch this space for campaign updates in coming months.

Fairtrade Fortnight 2011, how will you show off your labelFairtrade Fortnight planning is under way up and down the UK, with extreme labelling, fashion shows and lobbying MEPs all on the agenda - not to mention a bunting world record attempt! The bunting packs will be available to order soon, but please use this link to let us know how many packs you think you'll need. Check out the action guide, order resources , and keep an eye on the website for updates on the biggest Fairtrade Fortnight yet.

Fairtrade Towns Film - we need you to star! The Fairtrade Foundation is making a short film about the Fairtrade Towns movement, how it has developed throughout the UK and spread internationally. Content from Fairtrade Town groups is the best way to showcase the diverse range of people and activities involved, so please pick out your best photos and footage before 17 December, and click here to submit your content for the film.

We're dreaming of a Fairtrade Christmas Perfect for stockings and snacking alike, Harry's Fairtrade Nuts form 100% Fairtrade nut company Liberation are now available in the beer and wine aisle of Tesco superstores, Metros and Extras, larger Sainsburys and all Waitrose stores, as well as other outlets. The Fair Traders Cooperative in Holmfirth have a lovely range of Fairtrade, local and ethical gifts (and every day products) available to order online. While you're there, read about their link with banana farmers in the Caribbean and have a look at their amazing Fairtrade community events on their Facebook page.