Monday, 25 February 2013

It's Fairtrade Fortnight Southend-on-Sea

Fairtrade Fortnight 2013 is finally here - hooray!

We hope you're all ready to go further in your community in all sorts of fantastic ways and we can't wait to hear what you're up to.

Today we've launched our Make Food Fair petition, which calls on David Cameron to go further to give the world's smallholder farmers a voice and the fair prices they deserve. Underpinning this is our new report Powering up smallholder farmers to make food fair which you can find at

In it, we outline our five point agenda to address the challenges smallholder face:
1. Farmers first – give farmers a voice so they have a say in shaping their own future
2. Fair share of value – make international supply chains work better for smallholder farmers so they receive fair prices
3. Fair access to finance – increase access to timely and affordable credit making it easier for smallholder farmers to invest in their own future
4. Future-proof farming – invest in sustainable farming practices and help smallholder farmers adapt to climate change
5. Focus in government funding – meet internationally agreed targets for government spending and aid for agriculture, and ensure this reaches smallholders, especially women.

But this isn't just any old petition. Visit and you won't just be signing your name, you'll be creating a mini paper version of yourself, a mini marcher, which will join our march on Parliament Square on Monday 4 March to send the message to David Cameron. After that, we'll still be collecting signatures, but the mini marchers will join an online march instead.

So, make sure you visit this Fairtrade Fortnight and ask your family, friends and those in your community to sign up too!

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