Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Fairtrade Sourcing Programs

You may have seen Fairtrade International’s recent announcement launching Fairtrade Sourcing Programs (FSP): a new approach to connecting businesses with producers in sourcing Fairtrade cocoa, sugar and cotton on Fairtrade terms. This briefing explains what it might mean for us here in the UK and you can also read more on Fairtrade International's website. The Food Programme on BBC Radio 4 yesterday discussed the future of Fairtrade including FSP, and we look forward to discussing the challenges producers face, and how Fairtrade can respond and stay innovative in this, our 20th anniversary year

Monday, 24 February 2014

Make Foncho famous in Southend-on-Sea

Get involved online to make this the biggest and best Fairtrade Fortnight yet:

Fairtrade Fortnight 2014 is here

It's time to Make Bananas Fair!

Today the Fairtrade Foundation released a policy report: ‘Britain's Bruising Banana Trade: How Cheap Bananas Threaten Farmer's Futures’, which sets out the case underpinning our campaign to make bananas fair. Read it, share it or use it to organise a panel debate during Fairtrade Fortnight. You can also find a summary here.

They have also produced this Supermarket Scorecard which shows where the most action is needed to make bananas fair. Find out how your local supermarket scores against four criteria of the ultimate fair banana.

Now we must show government how much the UK public cares about the millions who grow our favourite fruit, by building a massive petition to make bananas fair.

Have a great Fairtrade Fortnight!

Adam Gardner

Communities Campaigns Manager