Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Did you know it's responsible business week Southend-on-Sea?

Did you know it’s Responsible Business Week? It’s the perfect opportunity to take your support for Fairtrade into the office and become a Fairtrade Workplace of World Changers.

You just need to offer to offer Fairtrade tea, coffee and sugar to staff and visitors your office (or workshop or building site or factory). If you’re a Fairtrade workplace superstar and already do this, great news! You can register and download a range of posters and other materials to publicise your fantastic commitment!

If you aren’t quite there yet you can use our National Purchasing Guide to source fantastic Fairtrade products. Most suppliers already carry a number of Fairtrade lines so it’s even easier than you think.

Not convinced yet? Find out the different that you and your colleagues could make could make if you all drank Fairtrade coffee by using our impact calculator. It crunches the numbers so you can see the lasting change your workplace could be making for farmers, workers and their communities when you choose Fairtrade products. 

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